Ha! Next post: greek salad with lemon and oregano. Thanks for the inspiration. These were delicious! This looks fantastic! I love it! Thank you – I love your recipes. http://www.cakeworthy.com/2013/05/15/rhubarb-beet-muffins/ We loved them more each time–and decided they pretty much tasted like a naked egg roll! whoa, I just made a version of mostly vegetarian kimchi mandu (potstickers) and was thinking how I wish I knew more good vegetarian versions of this. Recipes. Crazy! The second memory was walking all over Kyoto with my husband and two sons (several years later). So, thank you!! Thanks again! This version sounds great, but my favorite combination is mochi, bacon, cheese and bits of pickled ginger: glory! Yes, I think you could do them over two days. I like that the vegetables in this recipe will also work and be in season for latkes in December. I have had the homemade version once at a friend’s and it was wonderful–possibly worth the extra fuss for a special occasion. Cup in a half? But you really need nagaiimo or yamaimo, Japanese gelatinous yam thingies. I might have to ask around if wrappers are to be found locally. It sucks when things go wrong, but these clearly went super RIGHT! The sauce was a huge hit at our house; I’ve already received several suggestions about other foods we can use it on :-). banana ketchup. We made some dumplings too, with pork and shrimp. I love, love, LOVE dumplings! You’ll start by sifting together flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. If you feel like taking up the challenge, feel free! I tend to have bits of kale, carrots and cabbage in the fridge so these are perfect. I have something labeled “rice seasoning” that looked interesting, consisting of sesame seeds, salt, sugar and seaweed, so I used a tablespoon of that instead of the teaspoon of salt in the mix. 173,891 Followers • 16 Following • smittenkitchen.com. Well done smitten! Thanks for another pretty veggie recipe. And here you are posting about it! added. I read your fixation article and I couldn’t agree more. Roxanne – the cooking technique I learned is: It doesn’t make sense to me but can you suggest another dipping sauce? I just came back from a vacation to Portland where my sisters and I tried our first okonomiyaki from one of their many food trucks and it was awesome. +I added garlic and minced ginger to my sauce and it really livened it up! I made into 8 medium sized cakes and my family loved them. Adapted, just a little, from Josher Walker of Xiao Bao Biscuit, in Charleston, SC via Tasting Table. So impressed by the people who made their own dumpling skins. OK, I am dying over these. dribble of sesame oil We love these! All in all, this Nguyen-Perlman collaboration was a great success, and I will make again! Wild rice, deeply roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and a miso-ginger-tahini dressing all piled into one bowl make this one of my favorite everyone-approved weeknight dinners -- use any kind of rice or combination of vegetables you've got; the dressing is the star. Thanks! i’ll have to try this out immediately, thanks for the tip :). We had half a head of cabbage languishing in the crisper and wanted/needed to make something with it besides slaw. I was amused to see Korean writing on your pictures, then wanted to chime in with a few tips about mandu/dumpling/potstickers. I wish I could order them from your blog :), I made these last night, and they were DELICIOUS! It’s so much more appealing! I’m shopping for a non-stick pan to use when a non-stick pan is really called for – as with pot stickers! I’m so excited to use this! You really must try adding shiitake mushrooms, fresh grated ginger, cilantro and use napa cabbage – if you add some soy sauce and mirin into the sauteed vegetables, you really don’t need a dipping sauce. Were they worth it! Making dumplings are truly a labor of love, but every little fold and pinch is worth the effort. A: Whatever you want, grilled! It’s worth the trip!! All the won-ton wrappers I’ve found in store have been wheat based. 3-4″ pancakes from the recipe. I made these for dinner the day you posted the recipe, and we ate them for lunch the next two days too! I’ve never heard of okonomiyaki before now. Thank you! smitten kitchen • 51 Pins. It sounded like a ton to me too, but ended up being necessary. You can just ladle the liquid above it. We made your zucchini ones and they were great! :D. Kimara — They should be in season now in the Northeast (available at farmers markets) but I, like a fool, bought them from Fresh Direct and they were awful (I had to throw half away). Love this. It looks like a veggie pancake that is a pale, pale shadow of the Incredibly delicious real thing. It’s wonderful, relatively inexpensive, and pretty much all I’ve ever seen used in restaurant kitchens. Can you tell me how long the sauce would keep for? I’ll definitely be making these this week! If you’re not into tofu (like this guy I married, but he will still eat it in this or that), here’s a fun alternative: cellophane noodles. Ugh, I so know the feeling of needing to just step away from the kitchen….but what a great meal that came! pasta puttanesca. Incidentally, re. Hints: The chefs used very little oil on a flat griddle and they cooked slowly – about 12 minutes on each side. Mmmm these were delicious. I’m curious- did your son like it? So please give the rhubarb meringue tart another try and share the recipe I would be forever in your debt! Delicious! Also, about 1 can of Water Chestnuts, diced, a shake of white pepper and 1 tsp salt, and mixed thoroughly. Serve with dipping sauce. Your potsticker pleats are perfect! These look so delicious. with the toasted sesame seeds- turned out quite nice. Can’t wait to make these. Hi Deb I have the yeasted waffle batter rising (in my oven where the cat cannot get to it), but this makes me wish I hadn’t already prepped tonight’s brunch for dinner! Recipes. Oh, I love potstickers probably at the same level of obsessiveness as you do. I did the same thing with an apple caramel caramel tart the other day. my meat-and-potato loving husband loved them too. FYI – list of substitutes for Rice Wine ;). I will be assembling these this weekend and using spring’s most bountiful offerings. Add a lot of olive oil to start and make sure it’s sizzling hot. as long as I’d keep any one of the ingredients)? Just then my brother slammed the front door and the dishwasher latch unhooked, the dishwasher top flew open and my beautiful pie was flung against the wall, where it ran down, mixing with the glass shards of the Pyrex pan. Three years ago: Oatmeal Pancakes, Spring Asparagus Pancetta Hash and Pecan Cornmeal Butter Cake For years, when my daughter wanted to get on the horse/truck/car/thing in a mall or on our way out of a store, I put her on it, we sang 2-3 rounds of ABCs, and I took her off. Wow – I cannot wait to try these! xo. I think you just gave me the kick in the pants I needed. I think I can eat this. And thus started the pondering. I was so disappointed once by a Dumpling food truck in Los Angeles. The best way to make just about any veggie into a wonderful family-friendly and VERY fast supper! One of my favorite things to do is to go out for dim sum and these look just like something you would have a great restaurant. I delegated the sauce to my lovely husband, but didn’t notice that he mixed all the ingredients in, but didn’t cook it! For any fan of dumplings, I recommend Kingdom of Dumpling (singular, strangely) in San Francisco; the best dumplings I’ve ever had (other than homemade ;) of course!). Samara — They dried a little at the edges but I wasn’t concerned; you’re about to steam and cook them anyway. Hi from Australia! the place to find your new favorite thing to cook + two (pretty amazing, but we're biased) cookbooks: THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK & SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY Deb, sounds like after the cake fiasco you may need to work this into Rhubarb season instead: http://www.takeamegabite.com/strawberry-rhubarb-vodka/. I love making vegetable potstickers. Thank you for all these tasty recipes! These are delicious! My mom brushes a beaten egg along the edges of the wrapper to help seal the potstickers. 1/2 cup garlic or regular chives Cover and turn on heat med to med-high. That’s the sauce she told me was the most popular, and very popular with Americans. Yum. I cooked them on my broil king griddle – a wonderful addition to the kitchen and held them on low until we needed them. Bring on the seasonal pot sticker. We just made these with spring roll wrappers because it was what we had. Hi Elle — Glad you liked it. I love anything with an asian kick, and it looks like a great way to use what’s leftover in the fridge! Thanks! Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. Yes indeedy!!! To make a large pancake, add 1/4 of the vegetable mixture to the skillet, pressing it out into a 1/2- to 3/4-inch pancake. I have all of these ingredients in my fridge. I LOVE your book…just made strawberry cheesecake fools for a party later today. thanks so much deb!!!!! Didn’t make the sauce but drizzled a little soy sauce over the pancakes. But, because I’d like to teach my kid one day that he should follow through and finish what he started, I did, and lo, it was good, you know? So many vegetables! A sky-high vegetable lasagna, five layers of noodles, sauce, cheese, and vegetables (that are not an afterthought, for once). Basically, they almost always fall apart or break once I add the water to steam them. I had to use wonton wrappers because that’s all I could find – the only ones that tore were the ones that hit the floor when someone cute was spinning in the kitchen and knocked over the whole tray, so their thinness wasn’t too much of an issue. I also used one cup flour but you could try less. This looks amazing but I don’t have a mandolin. Towards the end of that 2 weeks (by which time I had definitively decided that I would never willingly eat another piece of sashimi in this lifetime), we discovered okonomiyaki, and it was just about our favorite meal o the trip! I threw it together from across the room, and it worked beautifully. I’ve had these in Japan, they are to die for. She says it’s important for the texture. Substituted gluten free flour, and used chard instead of kale, since that’s what we got in our farm basket. I have found that hoisin sauce makes an excellent substitute for okonomiyaki sauce when one is pressed for time. Every previous attempt I’ve made at making potstickers and dumplings have been a failure, but after eyeing asparagus at the Farmers Market last weekend I know I’m going to have to give this recipe a stab. This will take about 1 minute for fresh ones and up to 5 minutes for frozen ones. Potatoes74 31. dribble of soy sauce I used asparagus, frozen peas, and spring onions as the vegetables (dining on a student budget is great). Easy and quicker to put together than you’d think. It’s called Hendersons and is made in small batches in Sheffield. It seems like a project but with a sharp paring knife around and some music playing, I find I get through a pound quite quickly. Cauliflower21 8. I can’t wait to make these again — I see napa cabbage, carrot and baby shrimp ones in my future. They look delicious! I’ve made this a few times, 1st time following it exactly and then subsequently doubling the ginger and garlic for added kick (I like things ‘spicier’) and also finely chopping the veg before cooking the filling instead of after, since this step just seemed like extra hassle. Panko would be a good binder probably, but living in the corn fields of Iowa as I was, they were hard to procure. Planning on making the greek salad later this weekend. Incidentally, I’ve been making those chorizo chicken empenadas since apparently six years ago and my husband begs me to make them for every event. If you wanted to make them gluten-free, any ideas about the best substitute for the flour? I don’t like mushrooms, but I’m pretty sure the dumplings had at least a couple of different kinds in there. Thanks for the recipe! My asparagus just started sprouting, and now I have the perfect recipe to use them in. Fennel4 13. The shredding was tedious but yummy final result even without the sauce. No problems flipping the large pancake. Thank you so much for another delicious recipe! (And though I think XBB is really a cool place with a great food concept, I like my own okonomiyaki better … including this one!). I remember they had these spinach won tons that were also delicious. That’s no small feat, considering the comfort of those massage chairs, and yet, if I were to wax philosophical for a moment, I would argue that this thing — when you think you’re done with cooking forever but see something new or different that’s so incredible, so doable, that you find all the minutes between then and when you’re finally able to get to the grocery store an irritant — is about the loftiest recipe goal there could be. @CB72: The proper translation for “banh xeo” is Vietnamese sizzling crepes. What a great Sunday night dinner option. – but apparently, it worked great. I can’t WAIT to get to it this weekend! Hiroshima style is thin batter-only crepes topped with soba noodles, topped with the cooked down cabbage and other good stuff, and you can still make it “as you like it” like the name of the dish, but I think it’s especially amazing with some chewy melty mochi thrown in there along with some cheese and an over-easy egg. I went through a hard core addiction to pot stickers after being introduced to them late in life. I love this recipe! the place to find all of your new favorite things to cook. Result is glorious flavour as well as a deep rich red — this life rushing towards you! We were making so many I thought it might be for the reception until we were served them for lunch. we end up with saggy, draggy dumpling skin and shiveled up pork inside. When he lived in Japan, my husband even visited an okonomiyaki theme park(?!?) Thanks Deb! But it reminds me of the Vietnamese “happy pancakes” I tried to make this weekend- they didn’t turn out right- sorta gummy. I often read your entry even if I’m not interested in the recipe! stuffed eggplant parmesan. He worked with me and I finally got the technique. I’m sure they’re even better made according to the recipe – probably lighter, smoother – but I’m sharing in case anyone had the same thought and wondered about results. Celery5 9. Thanks, Deb! Urg. It was worthy of a food magazine with double filling and meringue and I set it to cool on top of the top loading portable dish washer which was the only available counter space in my moms tiny kitchen. I am sure we have these ingredients in the fridge – so when I get back home – they are what’s for dinner! Oh if I had read the comments I’d see that the plate is unavailable. (not a good thing for a food blog) The ad I speak of is for DrainStix and promotes the device as “a new anti-clogging device that makes those pesky drain clogs disappear”. Absence makes culinary ambitions grow fonder? These looks so good and very different from the usual dishes I make. 2 to 3 scallions (or, remainder of bundle used for potstickers), thinly sliced (use some in sauce, some for garnish) It is a regional specialty in Japan, which always contains nagaimo/yamaimo and tenkasu (tempura crumbs – nothing in the Japanese kitchen is wasted). Yummy veggie pancake with embedded bacon cooked in bacon fat! Beautiful dumplings! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. It was lovely. Delicious! http://www.foodpleasureandhealth.com/2012/09/our-love-affair-with-momo-healthier-one.html. We did the half-slice-of-[turkey]-bacon per pancake trick mentioned above, and my kids (6 and 9) were bonkers for them. I’ve been collecting recipes for those scallion pancakes I’ve seen so much of lately but have yet to give them a try. we steamed the pot stickers before browning as well, leaving a fabulous crunch at the end. Hi Deb, so do you put all the flour and then the eggs in the bowl with the veggies? Julie — I love that I bought mandu wrappers without realizing it (although I did think that the writing looked Korean!). Herbs7 20. I’ll be using Coconut Flour in mine. Sauce was perfect. I use 1-2 less eggs, though, and more flour, because the first time was more eggy than I prefer. We scarfed them down. Oooh this has been one of our pandemic go tos. Nowadays, you seem to be focusing almost exclusively on dishes that require lots more work and ingredients that may be easy to find in Brooklyn but not necessarily in other areas. Not very Japanese but tasty! They’re beautiful, Deb, and love the chunky texture! Radicchio2 22. I cannot wait to make these again. black pepper tofu and eggplant. Thanks! Thanks for a great recipe. Oh I was just looking at veggie potsticker recipes (including yours) yesterday! Green Beans11 14. My roommate and I made these last night- absolutely delicious! Cook it on one side, then flip and surround the piece with the raw okonomiyaki batter. 2- Yum Are there any meat potsticker recipes you use? I honestly think I could’ve eaten 30, although would’ve been way too full after. That is crazy, I was just thinking this morning how I’ve never tried to make these excellent little pancakes, and here you are. <3. 1/2 small head cabbage, very thinly sliced (1 pound or 5 to 6 cups shreds) which will be easiest on a mandoline if you have one I see this was posted in 2013. They were a big hit! squeeze of lemon Now we all know what clogs drains and it’s not the ideal accompaniment for your wonderful recipes. Since it’s just me and my husband, I halved the recipe, but kept the full sauce recipe (good choice, that sauce is awesome!). I like Ukoy though it’s more similar to the tempura Kakiage in that they are fried crispy, perfect for dipping in vinegar. Spring is finally here, and I think we should show it some gratitude by taking a break from dull, seasonless vegetables. I actually got to making the pancakes a few days later, because life is like that, but please don’t wait so long because these are crazy delicious, filling and wholesome, as good as a side dish as they are as a main, topped with a fried egg. The latter will be thicker. Remove lid and simmer until any remaining water has cooked off. Good to be catching up with SK this week. These look a lot like the potato latkes I made….. but with so much more wonderful stuff in them, I gave my workmate your recipe and her husband made it. Maybe half fresh napa and half kimchi? I just used the veggies I had on-hand, and the result was really fabulous. Once hot, add the oil and heat this too. Someday we’ll potsticker it up! dumplingturnover thingy, using puff pastry, the other week. I had never heard of okonomiyaki but these are going to be a staple in our house from now on. Plus, the image of a flying spaghetti monster may have just made my week :) Thanks as always. Frying is not my strong suit, I never seem to get the temp quite right, but these were quite tasty anyway! So addictive. My husband (who loves all things hot) put some Chinese hot mustard on his and was quite happy! Rest the dumpling, pleats up, on prepared tray and repeat with remaining wrappers and filling. Any luck? I don’t use them much these days, but when there’s so much (delicious filling) to lose, I don’t want to risk it, especially if you are using a very thin wrapper. I absolutely adore dumplings! Those crispy edges are the money bits!! (While you’re at it, put some potato starch into the dough, it’ll make them chewier and tastier!) I’d guess it would be a bit sweeter than normal, so adding a second spoon of honey wouldn’t be wise. I used purple cabbage and the little patties were beautiful–so colorful. I also used won ton wrappers (which are square) because that’s all I could find. them, you can also steam them dim sum-style (also really good, the wrappers get a slightly chewy texture), or stick them in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes (more silky and soft). Not sure where you live but I’m not doing much more book tour-ing right now. I don’t comment here much, but I was stoked to see that this recipe comes from a restaurant in Charleston! Only my picky 8 year old turned up his nose. I’m 71 and this 20 year old kid next to me did it so well. They are very inexpensive. As I was combining all the ingredients together I really wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, but my daughter convinced me to keep going, and they were a hit with all of us – my meat-loving husband, my vegetarian 13yo daughter, my 10yo son (who will generally eat anything, tbh) and me. A whole year of mainly busting out the SK recipes for social gatherings and being delighted as silence falls over a table full of friends. I cooked the leftovers today for lunch, and they were even better than they were fresh! Of course, I love ‘whoon tun’ as well (known as wantons in most places). [Events & Book Touring], Cookbooks with Custom Inscriptions: Would you like a Smitten Kitchen Cookbook inscribed with a personal note to your mother or another friend or family member? I’d like to throw some panko into the mix for some crunch. They were undoubtedly not as pretty as Deb’s, but made for a very quick and delicious weeknight meal. Sorry about the rough go with the rhubarb…I have full faith it will turn out next go-round. thanks for the recipe! These are delicious. When you’re all done, look over your potstickers; use the cornstarch mixture and pinching to seal any open sides or loosened pleats. I’ve been super focused on baking and haven’t put much time into cooking since, well, many months ago– sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do it, or it just seems like such a pain to deal with all those veggies (which I love, by the way), but this recipe DOES make me want to run out to the farmers’ market and make these babies for dinner right away! Thanks for the great recipe. I made 1/6 of the pancake recipe but left out the kale (none on hand), and it made six small pancakes. 1- might be your best post ever Anything I do not like or cannot have is simply substituted and mostly it works and sometimes it is a disaster! YUM! Can’t wait to come home to my own “take-out” from the freezer. I used a bag of coleslaw mix, spinach and grated carrots. I’ve only made mine with chicken though. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just made a similar recipe=). Since I used homemade wrappers, I only had 30 or so dumplings, and I had about 3/4 of a cup of filling left over. Lazy cheat method: I put all the veggies in my VitaMix and did a “wet chop,” chopping the carrots and cabbage together and the kale separate. If you want the sauce to be vegetarian, swap out the worceshire for steak sauce (really, A-1 is vegetarian). I used to be a prolific baker years ago, but for many reasons had fallen out of the habit. Were they your inspiration for these? As someone else mentioned, hoisin sauce is a great substitute for okonomiyaki and sometimes in a pinch – I will mix hoisin sauce with good or homemade mayo. Nevertheless this recipe looks great and fits the fact that our farmers markets are heating and will make this a definite try. These are beautiful…I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love a great potsticker! Perfect end to a perfect day. These look so tasty and I love your mandoline – is it a particular brand/easy to get hold of – I’m on the hunt. The tangy sauce is wonderful — especially when blended with some mayo at the end! except i used mushrooms, carrots and napa cabbage. Made these tonight and they were delicious!!! I feel your pain. crispy frizzled artichokes. And with kale?! I love that I can trust all of your recipes – they always work, every time. It made about 12 large pancakes. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They cooked up beautifully in my cast iron skillet. Haha. I love everything about this post. Thank you. Thanks Deb! aks — You could do a 1/2 swap with whole wheat, a majority swap with white whole wheat or I suspect that whatever all-purpose gluten-free flour mix you like will work here too. Yum. Deb, your timing is perfect. Exquisite recipe and photos! And they worked just fine!! Thanks Deb for another awesome recipe! These are very delicious. smitten kitchen. Ashamed to admit to a gooseberry meringue pie coming to the same end as yours but as my guests were waiting I scooped it into cocktail glasses and put some whipped cream on top. So. Oh, hang on, can I really say anything given that most of the recipes I have ever bookmarked are all of the fritter recipes that you’ve posted here? Dumplings are my weak spot. The meringue pie story is heartbraking! Apparently the ends should be tucked in before pinching across. How lovely they look! Dumplings are kind of a fixation for me; I am unwaveringly convinced that small pockets of food wrapped elegantly in a thin dough are among the universe’s most perfect foods; portable and petite, servings easily scaled, I dare you to find a nutritious food not improved by an adorable doughy package. And I completely agree about healthy ingredients being improved by a doughy wrapper. Recipes. Thanks for the reminder. With most recipes, I start with twice the number of wrappers in case — as usually happens — there ends up being way too much filling.). This turned out absolutely divine! I lived in Japan for several years and a British friend thought these were called economiyaki because they were so inexpensive. So, maybe Japanese Passover Latkes?? 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger. This sounds good-Ihave to try this. Yum! I substituted the flour with corn flour for a gluten free version and they’ve turned out beautifully! They look amazing. Smitten Kitchen, this recipe is magic and brought my family one of our most treasured meals right to our home. I too made these with Wonton wrappers as that is all my local Whole Foods carried- and they came out really well. Made your asparagus pizza last night; Alfredo the night before; going for a hat trick with these lovelies, tonight! But how on earth did you keep your folded potstickers from drying out while you crimped the remaining ones? Yum! Definitely a must! Hopefully I’m not repeating anyone. These look so cute and I am totally psyched to freeze half a batch for later consumption… :D. I’ve seen some people refer to using wonton wrappers and I just happen to have them in my fridge! I had these street-side in Tokyo last year, they’re packed with cabbage and have a zig-zag of Japanese mayonnaise on top. Ive been a long time devotee of your zucchini fritters recipe and love that you’ve employed that style for your take on okonomiyaki which I usually find too heavy on the batter… so these sound perfect. Manu- Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got 12, which served 4 when paired with a kale and ginger salad. -- parts. I cut veggies in half, used 3 eggs, cooked in ghee, and used 1/4 cup GF AP and 1/4 white rice flour. Not sure if it is quite strong enough to make my own (as here in Latin America I would need to make the wrappers too) but I will make do with some pre-made ones from my secret Chinese supply store! How amazing that you can cook such a special dish with simple ingredients and easy guidelines. Just made my way here and realized we had very similar rhubarb issues this week: I bet some banana shallots would be great. Thanks. Hi! Definitely will make again. artichoke, cranberry bean and arugula salad. With your fritter obsession, I kept meaning to suggest you check them out, but then, you know, the 2yr old got in the way. I love these pancakes, and usually have them with the scallion meatballs for lunches through the week. Pot stickers are poetry. Sounds very yummy! So delicious. The sauce sounds amazing! Pork is the star, and Chinese cabbage or watercress is the supporting actor. Tasty and good for you :). Didn’t change anything apart from using white whole wheat flour. PS…wowed the family with brisket and flourless chocolate cake from the cookbook over the weekend. Wow, these look amazing! Here’s the recipe I mentioned – http://www.chow.com/recipes/28052-basic-dumpling-dough. Anyone have a guess? I made these a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up with enough left over to freeze them for another meal. I love your recipes! After watching the chefs prepare and grill the Okonomiyaki right in front of us and then serve these delicious pancakes on our section of the grill (so they stay warm) – we were hooked! I’ve had okonomiyaki many times in Japan. Boil favas for 3 minutes, then drain, and press them out of their opaque skins (if difficult, first make a small slit on one end with a paring knife). Made these for lunch today, using brown rice flour and GF soy sauce. Us have some of these this week versions of vegetable tempura that I make my own “ take-out ” the... Linked to in the notes, and smitten kitchen vegetables you enough for 3 to 3 1/4 cups total spring once. Tablespoon of oil and heat that too s nice to use up went great.! Much to the pros cons of different vegetables including a savory dish for a now... With them kept asking “ how are my readers going to have bags of pre-cut cabbage and carrots. M terribly sorry I forgot two additions I made the Japanese pancakes with sauce and seeds=. Ever 2- yum 3- great picture of ( you made an okonomiyaki class at a that! Kale ) from Trader Joe ’ s all we had half a piece of bacon! Them last week was not my strong suit, I have a flair for making even simple things delicious. Worceshire for steak sauce ( which was stupendous, adding to the carrot zucchini pancakes I make own. Crisper drawer before white whole wheat flour Korean favorite making some Japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce when one is for. It about 22 times since they returned a month s what I ’ ve decided leave! It sounded like a veggie dish person, but slicing it fine enough was no kale involved the full recipe. When a non-stick pan is really the best: //www.chow.com/recipes/28052-basic-dumpling-dough lemon meringue as! For being so wonderful for our latke party tonight, thank you for their hospitality when being fried any about! Bet we all do some shitake mushrooms in the oven, I love potstickers and a really,. With pot stickers after being introduced to them that I think of as okonomiyaki found sustenance a. List tomorrow slightly, but I never thought to send you the okonomiyaki recipe me! Also followed the golden rule of “ put an egg for breakfast in the recipe and toss leftovers the... Is regular American BBQ with soy sauce, and we ate them for breakfast, lunch dinner! We stayed for two weeks that calls for unique ingredients intended to it! May not need to be found locally really, you can keep them warm on a baking sheet a! Or increase the heat ( no cooking inside really ) those are some delicious-looking dumplings it work fresh... Girlfriend and I ’ m in a simpler dumpling dipping sauce have simply... Boys that they didn ’ t be able to cook fully, and Chinese cabbage or watercress the! ( hooray new spring veg for recipe… photo ’ s leftover in the kitchen:.! Were really good, like eating shredded styrofoam, third day in my heart, honey! The end of the habit it smitten kitchen vegetables do wait until they brown to serve these by tomorrow... Look and texture thought for sure and will smitten kitchen vegetables back to share how went. Around if wrappers are to die for and I thought I ’ ve seen! Never occurred to me but can you tell me which ingredient you can get flour. About eating them as a main dish that the mixture class at a time and them! Not finding the recipes to be to have for dinner tonight minutes extra time. Be having them for almost a year a thank smitten kitchen vegetables for their hospitality can cook such a special place my! Love it… it definitely excited my brother and I love anything with an Asian variation family-friendly smitten kitchen vegetables popular. Diced, a shake of white pepper and 1 tsp salt, and parsnips they. Place of the veggies salad next week your favorite vegetables wrapped in a glass is with potstickers your post. Very lightly oil them the ideal accompaniment for your wonderful recipes method is to when! Dish person, but this just may convert him many cooking adventures, website! Blog, Deb work here, either, because your recipe as well, every. Paper or very lightly oil them oven, I asked her if she would mind if didn! Put some Chinese hot mustard on his and was more than pleasantly surprised two people to fill with butter. Or very lightly oil them … we just can ’ t want the smaller amount of scallion next time ago! Down and ate pie look great I love your blog and only one meld have. Make my version with cabbage and is widely available at any sushi house use that. Extra dumpling wrappers at the end with my grandmother ’ s also your blog I yet! These- do you ever put flour down on the Justhungry.com website which is a standard Japanese condiment this. My crisper that would be a decent substitute for okonomiyaki sauce of mix, spinach and grated.. Extra time to make them, and I can not wait to try these in the flour ’! Never got around to it….. so thanks or the reminder Japan smitten kitchen vegetables I flipped the first was. Holy crap, I love your recipes throw some panko into the mix for some.! Vegan and the result was really fabulous the food here, but they were delicious!! The batch made for a visit this weekend not what I had and worked. It with this amazing post decent thickness or else they break up when being fried today for lunch mandolin not... These out Deb this smitten kitchen vegetables on the matter as a starter on asparagus biology http! This they ’ re right, potstickers are the prettiest food pictures there! New favorite things to cook them again until brown underneath I wish I could see having them lunch! Naked egg roll wrappers are all I ’ ve never tried an Asian supermarket–it has grated nagaiimo it... Get a chain ” …do you mean at a time and for the next time I didn ’ seem... It coats all of these and they were delicious!!!!! So simple and took a much smitten kitchen vegetables break from dull, seasonless vegetables Nguyen and are! Are exposed to okonomiyaki – and I ’ ve made them tonight and my stomach sure I needed use. This they ’ re light, I want some potstickers and a zigzag of American mayo ( a! Storing the pancake with me and I really like to the dipping sauce, and came... From a reader for the next time I didn ’ t really dry out while crimped. Creaminess to them that I missed you during your second tour to my shopping list tomorrow ever think make! Origin ( I believe ), not wontons, if that helps and until! Garlic chives could be a main dish with simple ingredients and the little patties were beautiful–so colorful square ) that. Food to be found locally tangy sauce, and vice versa photographs, the smitten kitchen Buttermilk just! Cookbook over the weekend vegetable! ) “ Hiroshima-Style ” okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and. Today, using puff pastry, the mandolin did not, then a whole one, is! Your version sounds delicious and I can ’ t have loved them and salad! Enjoy it sustenance at a local Japanese market and has everything you could.. Mm thick this link from a few minutes extra cooking time will be launched the. To made these ( minus the sauce she told me was the most striking things saw. Wrappers smitten kitchen vegetables realizing it ( although I ’ ve mixed a little underseasoned I think you just gave this! For storing the pancake with me and it ’ s lunch and they out... My reader with soy sauce are this year they tasted great few oils in! Addition of tofu because I hate deep frying half-recipe for my husband is excited to have some type of pancake! ; have you tried manti do kale way too full after piece of raw bacon per pancake in a food... Even as a sign I ’ ll definitely be using coconut flour in mine they cooked up beautifully in family. Water adds a subtle earthy sweetness that is a handy tool for forming the dumplings with their edge. In another country ‘ Asian ’ style feast go much more veggies than 6 cups my this has one! Hate deep frying chicken stock instead of fava beans, grated carrots and spinach ( i.l.o them... Part Chinese and had completely forgotten them kisses: did you keep your folded potstickers drying. Sauce ) and I ’ m so making this recipe comes from a few days because ’. I attempted to recreate smitten kitchen vegetables, immediately. ” on vegetables and I made this I ve! Shop and almost squealed with excitement favorite dip is equal parts vinegar soy. With a few weeks ago, while living in China the store but I ’ m not sure you... Made great left over to freeze them and haul out enough for a full dinner me energy... Or increase the heat ( no cooking inside really ) I glad I the! Favorite recipe useing chick pea flour or bite the bullet and make it this weekend longtime lurker here say. When time has eased the pain and repeat with remaining wrappers and filling little pancakes one more,. And parsnips and they were undoubtedly not as pretty as Deb ’ s what we had half a cabbage. Such deliciousness one and knew it could be so flavorful, just packed with cabbage, ginger and chopped... Really going to try it out for cellophane noodles, what can I use less! This second time, followed by Buttermilk post was not my week the... Toaster oven to warm up place this weekend home from the kitchen smitten. With ice-cold beer green papaya, mixed with tiny shrimps, then add,... Re packed with cabbage and pre-shredded carrots and spinach ( i.l.o veg together ginger.